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1.  Overview

Healthi Choices delivers comprehensive wellbeing, assistance and loyalty services to organisations, medical schemes and affinity clubs. Our focus as a company falls on helping fellow companies, individuals and consumers to change and improve. In this regard, everything we do is geared towards making positive change happen.

We believe that Healthi Choices is the industry’s only wellbeing-oriented organisation to prioritise capacity building over products; to have the scope and infrastructure to handle all elements of wellbeing under a single roof; and to enjoy the global backing needed to deliver on all of our promises.

2.  About

For the last two decades and across three markets, Healthi Choices’ management has founded and managed leading wellbeing companies, together with private equity firms and strategic partners.

What is most impressive about Healthi Choices is our infrastructure:

Call centres

Our 8 specialised, in-house call centres operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Comprising 260 concurrent seats, these call centres provide a variety of professional services (including managed care, administration, wellbeing, care programmes and assistance) to medical schemes, medical funds, organisations and affinity club customer bases.

Our highly trained and experienced call centre staffers are multilingual, able to provide assistance in any one of the country’s 11 official languages.


Healthi Choices’ state-of-the-art technology includes the Avaya Centre System, the EAP Expert System, Interactive Voice Response, and the fully integrated NICE Call Recording System, as well as a Disaster Recovery Plan that adheres to the ISO 27001 ICT Security Framework.

Data management

We are committed to exceptional data management using our proprietary Wellbeing Intelligence System. This extends to the way in which we store and manage information, secure data, protect privacy, and generate reliable reports. Our WIS allows us to integrate data from different service providers, accurately reflect ROI and continuously refine our solutions and services.


Healthi Choices has an established branch and provider network of accredited multi-disciplinary professionals, with the resources to send the necessary service personnel across the country and the continent. All of our professionals – 1000 in total – are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the South African Nursing Council. We are also a member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of SA.

Quality assurance

We benchmark ourselves against international quality standards, maintain compliance with national legislation, adhere to service level agreements and successfully achieve the responsiveness and agility our industry requires.

Along the way, Healthi Choices uses a comprehensive customer satisfaction programme, mandates continuous training, and meticulously screens all clinical data and processes to minimise service lapses – under the oversight of a our experienced clinical and technical management team.

Black economic empowerment

Healthi Choices is committed to both the principles of BEE and the realities of enterprise development. Approximately 91% of our employees are women, of which 70% are black. In addition, we choose to work hand-in-hand with black-owned businesses, so as to assist them in achieving operational, financial and developmental sustainability. Healthi Choices has a Level 2 B-BBEE rating.

3.  Wellbeing

What is wellbeing? In its simplest sense, wellbeing is the ability to function optimally – whether this translates into performance and productivity, preventing or managing illness or disease, or even accessing services and lifestyle elements that improve one’s overall quality of life.

Healthi Choices is concerned about wellbeing in three related contexts:

  • Within companies / organisations
  • Within medical schemes
  • Within affinity or rewards clubs

To illustrate, the large company requires wellbeing as part of its value proposition to market. Healthi Choices can build this into the way the company operates, via in-sourced wellbeing capacity for staff and customers.

If companies are able to adopt a strategic long-term view, it becomes clear that a healthy organisation begins with its managers. Once they engage with wellbeing, integrate it into other activities, and become visible while doing so, it is possible to foster a culture of wellbeing. This transforms employees into assets who add greater value to the brand and to the company’s bottom line.

4.  Services

Each of the market segments served by Healthi Choices has a distinct priority.

For companies, wellbeing is about productivity and talent attraction.

In the corporate sector, executive and managerial wellbeing, employee wellbeing, and trauma management, for instance, create productive people.

For medical schemes, wellbeing is about cost containment.

In the healthcare sector, condition support (chronic, maternity, etc.), trauma support and compensation, for instance, create healthier people.

For affinity clubs, wellbeing comes with convenience and access.

In the loyalty sector, access to exercise facilities, trauma support, legal guidance and concierge services, for instance, creates brand-loyal people.

The programmes offered by Healthi Choices may therefore be categorised by the type of person accessing the solution, not by the solution itself.

Having said that, solutions can also be custom-created to span the spectrum of wellbeing consultation, strategy development and solution design, extending from communication and education through wellbeing promotion to programme or project management. Programmes can and do include:

  • Risk and performance management
  • Care (therapeutic) programmes
  • Critical incident stress management
  • At-risk programmes
  • Occupational wellbeing and safety
  • Lifestyle programmes
  • Emergency medical services
  • Executive and managerial wellbeing
  • Absenteeism and disability management

5.  Philosophy

The Healthi Choices range of offerings may best be understood in the context of our behaviour change philosophy, which has four parts:

  • Engage – Inform the audience and get them involved.
  • Enable – Give the audience the tools and systems they need.
  • Exemplify – Show the audience what to do and how to do it.
  • Encourage – Incentivise the audience to act positively.

This model, and the emphasis on the individual’s unique wellbeing journey, differentiates Healthi Choices from the traditional employee wellness offering.

As a behaviour change catalyst, we give individuals access to a wellbeing resource eco-system. This provides an enabling environment within which people (who are not necessarily at risk) can facilitate their own choices and changes – instead of having interventions forced on them by experts. We believe that people know themselves, and what’s best for them, best.

6.  Partners

Healthi Choices is in extremely good company in the corporate wellbeing and affinity spaces, where we are able to access critical learnings emerging from dynamic partners. We work with global companies including Optum, Aon, Zurich and Walmart/Massmart and regional heavyweights Liberty, Old Mutual, the Government Employee Medical Scheme, and South African Airways.

7.  Contact

Johnny Koortzen

Chief Executive Officer
087 365 8901

Heather Maxwell

Assistant: New Business Development
087 365 8887


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