Mobilising Well Beings

Mobilising Well Beings
Leading healthcare organisations acknowledge wellbeing as an integral part of quality care, risk management, member acquisition and retention. Healthi Choices is a leading and independent provider of integrated wellbeing lifestyle and loyalty programmes and has a unique ability to complement these initiatives.

We will design and build your wellbeing solution to suit your objectives, and will provide you with a unique in-house delivery capacity where you are able to become the navigator of your own wellbeing journey!

The Healthi Choices team has more than two decades of experience in large and diverse client bases. This extensive experience and infrastructure makes it possible to:

  • Engage with our clients (organisations and individuals) in ways that are relevant to them. Using state-of-the-art multimedia applications, we quite simply reach more people and get them involved.
  • Enable our clients to reach their wellbeing goals. We accompany you along your journey to learn more about wellbeing, set wellbeing goals, select viable solutions and track your progress.
  • Encourage and connect like-minded organisations and individuals. Regular, accurate feedback, analysis and reporting forms the basis for linking peer groups and affording organisations the opportunity to incentivise and reward active participation in wellbeing improvement initiatives.


We are committed to social sustainability in Africa and to being a partner in global wellbeing initiatives. Healthi Choices is built on the belief that organisations and individuals strive to be well, have the innate ability to be well, and can benefit from an environment which facilitates positive behaviour change journeys.

We hope to initiate a wellbeing conversation and want to encourage you to contribute to building a healthcare industry that delivers care.